Thank you for your interest in hiring SEOfy’s services! Below are the most frequently asked questions from our customers.

What is SEOfy?

SEOfy is an agency specializing in communication and link building services, registered in Florida, USA. Our vision is to offer a professional and personalized service, thereby achieving long-term relationships with our clients, both end companies and agencies that outsource their services to us.

How is an order placed with SEOfy?

At this time, the website viewer is read-only, and requests are made in a personalized way through the following contact:

Are the links DoFollow?

Yes, the links are always dofollow. They also do not include rel=sponsored, except upon prior notice.

Does it include a tag indicating “Sponsored Content”

“Sponsored Content” tags or similar are not included in most of the sites. In cases where it is done, customers are informed beforehand with an example so they can verify if it meets their marketing goals. If the content is very commercial, a tag may be added to report it, subject to customer approval.

Do you accept casino and betting content?

Yes, in the sites that approve this type of content.

Do you accept Finance or Cryptocurrency content?

Yes. If it is content that encourages investments, a tag indicating that it is commercial content will be added. Additionally, a disclaimer is incorporated that alerts the reader to the risks of making online investments, especially for inexperienced users.

Are there any forbidden contents?

Yes. Contents related to sex, violence, or fake news are not accepted.

Does SEOfy offer a guarantee on its publications?

Yes! Although all publications are permanent, SEOfy offers a 1-year warranty for any issues that may arise. While it is very rare, publications can be removed for various reasons by the editors. The most common are service migrations or CMS changes. Other reasons are changes in editorial policies or even by mistake. In that case, it is republished on a similar site, or eventually, the money is refunded.

What forms of payment does SEOfy accept?

The following forms of payment are accepted:

  • Bank Transfer (EUR, USD)
  • USDT
  • Payoneer
  • PayPal. Regarding PayPal, commissions are free on sites up to $100 USD. Beyond that amount, the PayPal commission of 5.5% is added.

Does SEOfy issue invoices?

Yes, SEOfy issues invoices, exempt from VAT.

How is payment made to SEOfy?

Payments are made after our customers see their publications made. No prepayment is required. The goal is for clients to only pay when they are assured that the publications are made as requested, both in content and in the corresponding links.

Does SEOfy provide credit lines?

Yes. We provide credit lines of up to 1,000 EUR / USD, which increases as our customers meet their payments.

The goal for end companies is to facilitate their administrative operations by reducing payments, and for agencies, it has the benefit of allowing them to charge their clients for their own services, and then make the corresponding payments to us.

Does SEOfy write content?

Yes, we write content in any language, with a cost of $5 usd / or 5 EUR every 500 words. It is important to note that the content is personalized and reviewed, and is done according to the company’s objectives, focusing on being of interest to the audience of the site where it will be published.

What happens if you need sites that are not included in SEOfy?

SEOfy offers the “Outreach” service, so new sites are added to the offer according to each client’s objectives. This service is free of charge and is based on a predefined planning.”